Refining Silver

Refining Silver

Silver accepted All forms of sterling silver, flatware, silverware, serving ware, candlesticks marked 925, 900, 800 and other.

All coins and jewelry that have a silver content. Reclaimed silver from photography and other industrial processes.

All coins of silver from 999 silver 90% silver 80% silver .720 silver and more.

All US coins from 1964 and earlier.

***We do not accept silver plated items.***

Rates paid.

For silver lots of less than ten oz and better than 75% pure we pay 90% of market

for lots of more than ten oz we can pay 90% of market.

For Lots of more than 100 oz we can pay %92 of market

for lots over 1000 oz we can pay 95.5% of market.

Less than 75%  but greater than 45% lots are on a contract basis. but are usualy 80% or better on pay out.

lots of less than %40 purity are on a contract basis.